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I feel like I am all alone but I know I am not.

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Joined: October 03, 2013

Posted: Oct 3, 2013 12:33 PM
My son was DX in 2006.  He has battled addiction and what seems like every problem associated with the disease.  He now lives at home.  His pain meds are locked away in a safe, me distributing them as prescribed.  He is TNP and Cimzia.  I feel like I am all alone.  I cannot go to my parents with concerns because they will just worry themselves sick.  I don't have a significant other to lean upon and there are things happening with him I know are leading to yet, more problems going forward.  He was such a healthy child.  Now I think his body hates him.

I need some friends, someone who I can talk with and know that if he leaves this world, I will not attempt the same.  I'm dying here...
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lizzies mom

Joined: September 09, 2009

Posted: Oct 5, 2013 11:17 AM
 Reply posted for k1mm1.

You aren't alone.   There are lots of people who are living with similar circumstances.   As parents we all want what is best for our children; however, we can only do so much.  I understand your hesitance of not wanting to burden an elder parent with such heavy detail.  My mom is in her 70's and I keep as much away from her as possible for her own well being.  You may want to reach out to a group near you.  Your local hospital may have a caregivers support group or maybe even your local CCFA chapter.   When my daughter was dx I thought we were the only family going through this, then I went to a support group through her gi's office and was shocked.  You need be able to offload some of the stresses to feel empowered to move ahead.  We are all here if you need us.

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