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you can become that you h...

Author Image ajingelsson
Joined September 2017

So at 13, I started to get my problems and we just thought it was gluten or lactose. We get a German doctor and he takes... read more

Song about invisible illn...

Author Image jprevost
Joined July 2017

Hi! I was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis in 2011. Since then, I have been able to manage my symptoms q... read more

Rough seas

Author Image Kera
Joined July 2017

All the other 19 year old girls around me were learning to live on their own, going to college and falling in love.I was... read more

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Does loud noise mean stri...
Author Image Chase McDonnell
Joined Sep 20, 2017

Noises are totally dependent on the individual. It could be lots of things. I would suggest not worrying about what it can be and just "be".....

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Does loud noise mean stri...
Author Image acl15
Joined Aug 26, 2017

Today I have continuously been hearing loud grumble or noise from my stomach. From what I know, noises are caused by stricture due to the small passag....

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Not diganosed yet and mis...
Author Image JerseyGirl17
Joined Sep 23, 2017

Oh I am so glad to hear that the meds are working for you!  Yesterday was the worst, I was in the bathroom 6 times before I even got out of bed f....

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Disease Education

Q. I was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis in 2013 and then indeterminate colitis in 2015. I was put on prednisone and azathioprine. My doctor left and I was sent to a new doctor. They ordered colonoscopy and CT which came back showing no IBD. Can this happen because of the medication? All previous scopes, biopsies, and scans since 2013 have come back positive for IBD. I am very confused. Is it possible to get different diagnosis over time?

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Q. I was recently prescribed 1g Asacol foam enema. I was on the Salafolk ones for about a week but I was told it was the same stuff so didn’t really worry. I’ve been having a tougher time with these Asacol ones. I just can’t seem to hold them in as long, some nights they seem to come out right away. My usual time of holding them in at the moment is about an hour before I need to go. Is this enough time for the medicine to work?

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Q. I’ve looked at the drug profile for ulinastatin and it seems as though it would be a good fit to treat severe, refractory Crohn's disease. It may also stave off fibro stenosis for those with a stricturing phenotype administered post-op following resection. I wonder why more studies haven't been conducted? What are your thoughts on this as a treatment option?

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