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Sharing My Story

Author Image manish
Joined March 2017

I was diagnosed with CD when I was 16 years old and have been finding a way to deal with multiple surgeries, treatments,... read more

Becoming OSTOmistic

Author Image jtrosclair
Joined May 2017

Following a colonoscopy on the morning of December 22, 2015, I awoke from an anesthetic-induced haze to hear my mother... read more

Crohns Disease Diagnosing...

Author Image

Hi, I am new to this-first post.I have had Crohn's for 35 years and 5 surgeries. I also have a condition know as Ank... read more

Community Forum

Author Image Bestrong
Joined May 22, 2017

This sounds like me! I've been in remission for 16 years, but I've had on and off again back issues since before my diagnosis. It has gotten w....

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SCD diet along with Remic...
Author Image rekn
Joined Mar 12, 2012

Hi , My  was diagonised with Crohn's in 2007. He's been on Remicade from past 5 years. We started him on scd diet 3 years back an....

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How is Crohn's disease di...
Author Image grateful
Joined May 17, 2017

To be completely honest, I've heard mixed things about Prometheus Labs. At first, I heard that it's a real rollercoaster trying to get your in....

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Expert Q&A


Q. Are FMT clinical trials only available for people with c-diff and uc? How can I find a clinical trial for FMT for UC?

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Q. What are the research finding for probiotic VSL#3 for Crohn’s and Colitis. Has this been successful for patients?

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Disease Education

Q. Is skin cancer a risk with Remicade too or just the 6M?

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