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My Experience with Crohns

Author Image ealangshur
Joined June 2017

Hi. This is my first time reaching out on any platform to share my experience with Crohn's disease because since I w... read more

newly diagnosed

Author Image natbak192
Joined June 2017

A few weeks ago, I woke up early and went for my usual morning run. I didn't realize that soon my the life I knew wa... read more

Living with Crohns

Author Image Jsmit102
Joined May 2017

Hey I'm new to this. I've never reached out before. I generally keep everything to myself. I'm 30 years old ... read more

Community Forum

Entyvio Therapy Costs?
Author Image ThomasHarris202
Joined Jul 21, 2017

I have started Entyvio therapy at the hospital and will go for third treatment Monday. What does a single threatment cost? They are charging my insura....

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White or Brown Rice?
Author Image jbreezybaby
Joined Mar 23, 2017

Interesting WoundedHealer, I'll be sure to check it out. Can you give a few examples? 

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How Do You Stay Positive?
Author Image healerchic
Joined Jun 27, 2017

Hi, I am 54 and just dxed with Crohn's, I have had my colon removed and am on expensive medication. I am a health care worker so I have to go to ....

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Expert Q&A

Diet & Lifestyle

Q. My son has Crohn's and IBS. We have started really focusing on his diet, more veggies less meat and clean, no preservatives. Is there a certain diet that is better than others?

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Q. Is there any treatments for healing fistulas besides Remicade?

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Q. Are there any drugs besides Biologics that are being investigated?

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