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Joined Mar 10, 2017

Sharing My Story

I was diagnosed with CD when I was 16 years old and have been finding a way to deal with multiple surgeries, treatments,... read more

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Author Image jtrosclair
Joined May 3, 2017

Becoming OSTOmistic

Following a colonoscopy on the morning of December 22, 2015, I awoke from an anesthetic-induced haze to hear my mother... read more

Crohns Disease Diagnosing...

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Hi, I am new to this-first post.I have had Crohn's for 35 years and 5 surgeries. I also have a condition know as Ank... read more

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Author Image Only1
Joined Apr 28, 2017

My Daugther

My daughter is only 11 yrs old she was just diagnosed with Crohn's Disease in March. I knew when she was 6 yrs&... read more

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Author Image Winneroflifeuc
Joined Apr 24, 2017

The Winner of Life UC

This was only the beginning...2007 I'm in the process of an update. Almost had my Colon removed again in October of ... read more

Sues Journey with Crohns

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I was told I had Crohn's immediately after my colonoscopy. The Dr. said they took biopsies. I thought it would ... read more

Young with Crohns

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Hey guys! My name is Paige, I'm 20 years old and I have Crohn's disease. I was diagnosed, after several hospital... read more

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Joined Apr 8, 2017

Working as a police offic...

I was a Marine from 1995-1999. I was always skinny and remember having stomach issues as a kid, but I managed to make it... read more

My years of experience

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I am a closeted Crohn's patient!  I say this with much humor and a great deal of self-esteem. I have always att... read more