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In 1979 I was diagnosed with Crohn's Disease.  I was told my condition was severe and I needed surgery immediately.  I was to weak to speak up for myself so, my older sister spoke for me.  She told the doctor I was too young and was no going to have the operation.  The doctor then said, I had to take prednisone pills for the rest of my life, don't think about having children because they would be deformed, due to my medication, and do not take on any stressful jobs because this would trigger the crohn's.  I was not happy with the side -effects of the medication given.  I researched the pros and cons of taking the medication in a medical dictionary and decided this medication was detrimental to my health.  I went to another doctor and told him I wanted to be weaned off the steroids.  He gradually got me off the steroids.  After this, I have NEVER had another crohn's disease attack.  Now, it has been 38 years since I took steroids, and I am doing just fine.  Everything the first doctor told me, I did the opposite.  I got married and had a perfectly healthy son.  Years later, my husband and I got our foster care license and have fostered over 30+ children.  I wrote a book called Against All Odds, Living Proof of an Overcomer by:  Carol O. Johnson.  This  book will inspire you!
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Carol Johnson
Joined Mar 11, 2017
Location: Fairfield, California
Diagnosed: 1979

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