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Finding a way

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Hey there! My name is Vanessa and I’m an ulcerative colitis warrior. I was diagnosed in 2014. I was going to a doctor who turned out to not be helping whatsoever. I’ve recently been going to a new gastro and he is great! Wanted to heal me from the first appointment. I was taking Lialda and Entyvio infusions. I have recently taken myself off of the Lialda and started a better diet of organic, no meat & gluten free foods. So far I have felt amazing. I was able to enjoy our wedding and eat with everyone instead of waiting until everyone was gone to eat just in case. I’m very happy to finally find a good and real place where we can all support each other and share our advice and stories!
We are all on this fabulous ride called life, we should enjoy!
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Joined Nov 2, 2017
Diagnosed: 2014

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