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My story of my CD and getting diagnosed at age fifty

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I am not one for blogging or writing long stores about an illness I still don't understand..

It all started last May when I decided to blow my diet and get a burrito at Taco Bell for dinner.  I immediately threw it up.... I seriously had to stop my car and throw up into the street.  I know.... not glamorous.  I started throwing up randomly and I also noticed a pain in my lower right abdomen. 

So at first I was in denial.... I eat pretty healthy (taco bell runs are seriously about four times a year), go on big hikes with my golden doodle, run and even take hot pilates classes!  Even when I was diagnosed in August, I still managed to do all of my daily activities. I am a single mom to a great but hormonal 12 year old daughter, work as a Finance Manager for a major Health Insurance Company and MUST keep physically active for my mental health. 

I also had recent laparoscopic surgery on 11/21.  Holy crap they took out almost 2 feet of my large and small intestines!  I am back at work full time and plan on going to the gym tomorrow.  Can't do the hot pilates classes or lift weights yet.

I am honestly still in shock about the whole thing.  I see my doctor this week to figure out my treatment.  

Okay, that is the gist of my story.

Thanks and my thoughts and prayers are with everyone who is struggling with this disease.   

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Joined Dec 16, 2017
Diagnosed: 2017

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